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Custom Design Unisex T-Shirts

$20.00 - $25.00
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Check THIS Out and Meagan's Apparel would love to help you bring your idea to life! 


Businesses, Clubs, Organizations, Families, a Favorite Saying... One Shirt or Hundreds... Meagan's Apparel can get you what you want!

Our designer has 10 years of experience and can take almost any idea you have and put it on a shirt! We work closely with you in the design process to make sure the print is exactly what you want!

Type out a description of your idea in the area provided, and upload any files you may have for reference. After receiving your order, our designer will look over your request and e-mail you with a conformation and any questions about your design. Our designer will work with you sending proofs of the design and get your explicit approval for the look of the garment. After your design is perfected, we will send your garments straight to print. The garments will be shipped immediately after printing is completed and an e-mail will be sent with your tracking number. The process will take around 14 days, depending on the detail of your design.

Looking for a discount? Orders of 50 or more garments with the same design can contact us through e-mail and we will let you know what specials we are running for our bulk rates!

Picture shown is an example of a Two Color Print (Blue Shirt with a Green and Black Print) 

The payment processed in your cart is considered a deposit to commission artwork through Check THIS Out presents Meagan's Apparel. Design fees may be billed to the customer, based on the intricacy of the design and the time taken to create it. Any extra fees must be paid in full before printing can begin. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.