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Online Presence Website - Deposit

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Online Presence Website starting at $400
This type is more advanced than just Brochure Website. It might contain relevant articles, forums, a small photo gallery, company updates and opinions on the subject of your business. This kind of site allows the business to interact with its visitors. This helps to peak their interest and will increase their trust in your business. If you are looking to purchase such a website, within it you can participate and moderate discussions in your forums and answer customer’s questions there on YOUR site. Limited Customer Portal and MeaLuv Productions update Online Presence Websites weekly or bi-weekly, moderating discussions forums, ect.


These sites include:

Home Page

Up to 3 Add-on Pages

Up to 5 Photographs Integrated

Copywriting Page Content

Member Registration

Member Administration

Discussion Forums

Content Manager



Optional Extras:

• Mobile Friendly Integration 
• Social Network Submission
• Search Engine Submission 
• Custom Logo Design
• Custom Graphics
• Extra Add on Pages
• Add Extra Integrated Photographs
• Photo Gallery
• Traffic Statistic Reports


The client's first invoice will include the first year of registration for Free!!

New clients are required to sign a two year contract with Check THIS Out presents MeaLuv Productions.

Design Fee is a one time fee. Update fees are $50 per hour, accumulative and are invoiced with the annual registration bill.


A non-refundable deposit in the amount of $100.00 is required at the time of "ordering" a website design in our online shop. The deposit secures the desired domain and begins maintenance as well as coding. This deposit is taken off of the client's final bill. The downloadable content purchased with the deposit is a digital pdf copy of these terms and a copy of our requirements and requests sheets. A contract will be e-mailed within 3 days of deposit to outline any other options or possible fees.
A refund of the deposit will only be issued if the client and MLP cannot come to terms after 14 business days of purchase  and a web site design contract with Check THIS Out presents MeaLuv Productions has not been signed by the client.